Scientists predict there will be more plastic than tonnes of fish by 2050, so it’s vital we all do our part to care for our home.

Sustainability is something that we are passionate about sharing with our community. We believe that together, we can contribute to the regeneration of our planet by taking positive action in many simple and accessible ways.

This month, for Plastic Free July, we are taking positive action against single use plastic. REGEN WORLD & Sadhana Kitchen have partnered with other great companies to create a Plastic Free Challenge that everyone could take part in each day.

At the end of the month, celebrate all your contributions by joining us for an extra special ocean inspired dinner at Sadhana Kitchen on 30th July. We will have 5 carefully crafted plant-based courses and a panel discussion from some of the most inspiring sustainability focused change makers in Sydney!

 We have come this far in just a few generations, and it’s up to our generation to re-generate our planet.

We are part of the Re-Generation…are you?